Nutrition’s Importance to Brain Health

Brain-Health Diet Tips


Your brain is flesh and blood, just like the rest of your body. It requires the same

nutrition, blood flow and energy that all parts of the body need. We suggest a diet

that is moderate in calories and reduces fat intake to about 20 percent of total calories.


  • It’s vital that the fat in your diet come from the omega-3 fatty acids… the good fat.

 Omega 3 Foods





Flax Oil

Olive Oil



  • Other foods that feed the brain are fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants and trace elements.


Brain Superfoods

Sea Vegetables


Green Tea




  • Supplements provide optimal levels of essential nutrients, protect the brain from oxidative damage, and help it to operate at peak performance.




especially B, C, and E


Ginkgo biloba



One Response to “Nutrition’s Importance to Brain Health”

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    Health always a great wealth for all. Why we will not achieve this? In this consideration everyone want to have good health. Let us build our healthier life with controlled food habit,discipline, keep pace with work, rest and or exercise. While Health is the root of happiness let us build a Happier life.

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