Boost Your Brain Power with Health Foods – Part II

As we discussed last time, everyone wants to boost their brain power.  The following are a set of basic, flexible principles that can be followed by anyone. Following these guidelines will put you on a continuum, moving toward a plant-based diet that’s low in calories and high in nutrient-dense organic foods. Wherever you are on the continuum now is fine – it’s just a starting point.

1) Detoxify Your Body

The human gastrointestinal system is like an elastic pipe; this pipe can trap waste, and toxins may be absorbed as a result, creating a foundation for illness. Periodic fasting – two or three times a year – is an essential part of yoga nutritional therapy. It cleanses your digestive tract, detoxifies and revitalizes your body, and lifts your spirit – and it’s a great way to start the transition into a better way to eat.

The most convenient way to fast doesn’t require total abstinence from food. Neither does it mean that you only drink water, which is a powerful, but not very comfortable, way to go. I recommend fasting using a combination of water with lemon, herbal tea, juices, and soups. “The 36 Hour Fast” is one such fast that won’t disrupt your life. For extended fasts, I recommend consulting with a doctor or nutritionist.

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Boost Your Brain Power with Healthy Foods – Part I

Everyone wants to boost their brain power, retard brain age, avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as all the chronic diseases of our modern times.

These days we have instant news, instant money, instant communication, instant information, and instant gratification, and we’re stressed out like never before. We manage many chores at the same time, calling it multitasking. We have land phones, cell phones, pagers, electronic mail, snail mail, and hand-held computers. All these technological gadgets have been invented to help us be more productive.

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