Why I am Writing My Memoirs

Editor’s Note: This article was prepared by La Verne Olsen for the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation a great example of how you can keep your mind active and sharp by doing something you enjoy. La Verne was available to discuss her passion and shared tips with everyone who attended the Tucson Memory Screening Day on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

I didn’t intend to be a writer. In fact, I never wrote a thing after high school except letters to friends and, of course, the infamous Christmas Newsletter about all the goody things the family accomplished during the year.  I loved getting those newsletters.

But then, at the age of 73, after a lifetime of raising kids and now grandkids, I enjoyed a day at the zoo with six year old and four year old grandchildren.  A peacock followed us all over the zoo for most of the day.  We made the mistake of throwing him popcorn so we literally couldn’t get rid of him. Read the rest of this entry »

Science Reveals the Anti Aging Benefits of Food

If you are like most people, you believe that your genes have predetermined just about everything about you. As you look in the mirror each morning perhaps you see your mother’s eyes or your father’s smile. You may also be convinced that your genes have already predetermined the illnesses you are destined to suffer.

In her book, Living Downstream, Dr. Sandra Steingraber describes her health challenges in living with bladder cancer. Because her mother, uncle, and grandfather had all died of various forms of cancer, many people who knew Sandra assumed that she had inherited cancer genes. They were not aware that Sandra had been adopted. Her cancer, she believed, was caused by exposure to environmental pollution as a child. Read the rest of this entry »