It’s only Rock n’ Roll But It Grows New Brain Cells

As Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones sang awhile ago:

 “Oh no, it’s only rock n’ roll and I like it. I like it. Yes I do!”

 I like it, too.  My personal special form of mental exercise or “brain aerobics” as it’s called, is writing and playing music.

 My interest in music and my musical career actually goes back to the 7th grade when my mother, a former semi-professional violinist, signed me up for band class and suggested I play the French horn. I liked the horn right away and although I had a brief foray into playing the trumpet, I stuck to the horn all through High School, playing in the band and concert orchestra. Beyond that, every summer I went to the University of Miami Summer Music Camp and, in fact, I was seriously considering music as a career. Read the rest of this entry »