The 40/70 Rule: Intergenerational Conversations

By Carolyn Lucz, ARPF Board Member

There comes a time when children may need to take on the role of a parent.  It can be prompted by a crisis in the family due to a death of one parent, or simply by the realization that a parent’s health is declining.  It can be as minor as considering extra help in the home, or as life changing as selling the family home and looking for an assisted living facility.

Often, the time to broach touchy subjects seems to come suddenly; however, upon reflection, often there have been signs that should have prompted a discussion. Maybe you’ve noticed that your 78-year-old mother finds it hard to remember the names of her grandchildren, or forgets to feed her beloved pet.  Perhaps she has been leaving the television and radio on night and day, and subscribes to the daily newspaper but can’t read it because of failing eyesight. Read the rest of this entry »