Master Stress in Only 12 Minutes a Day

As I write this article, the stock market has been going up but the economy is still slow to recover and we still have two wars going on and a time of stress, anxiety, and tension in our world.

This is scientifically proven to be taking a big toll on our health, especially among women who seem to bearing the brunt of it.

Yes, it’s true: Money and the economy continue to top the list of stressors for all Americans. Finances now overshadow the more usual daily stressors of work and relationships, with others worrying about providing for their family’s basic needs. Read the rest of this entry »


You have a brain, is that true?  From that brain comes your mind:  thoughts, ideas, and actions that create your life, fulfill your destiny and leave your legacy.

What we’re learning more and more is that a certain particular part of your brain is very important.  It’s called the frontal brain or frontal lobes and most importantly, the prefrontal cortex (PFC).  You better hope yours is in great shape or you’re going to find aging more and more difficult.  When your PFC works well, it helps you pay attention and not be distracted.  Know anybody who is chronically late?  Poor frontal lobes. Read the rest of this entry »