Dr. Dharma visits with David Cassidy about Alzheimer’s Prevention

The well-known reality show The Celebrity Apprentice emphasizes the fact that celebrities compete for their choice of charity.  It’s great entertainment and a great way to raise awareness for many organizations. The ARPF recently had the opportunity to be one of these charities, chosen by David Cassidy to be his charity of choice. 

Dr. Dharma, Kirti Khalsa and Conni Ingallina visit with David Cassidy


David’s grandfather had severe dementia and his mother is currently in 24-hour nursing with severe dementia.  Alzheimer’s disease is near and dear to his heart and he chose the ARPF as his charity to help raise awareness that this disease can be prevented.

We were honored that David chose the ARPF as his charity for the Celebrity Apprentice and we went to Las Vegas last weekend to tell him so in person. David’s passion about this issue rings through in every word he speaks and we were privileged to hear his heart on this issue, as well as discuss other opportunities to raise awareness about Alzheimers and dementia. 

And what visit would be complete without going to a Vegas show?  We had the privilege of seeing David Cassidy in concert – he puts on a fantastic and entertaining show! 

What a great weekend, and a great opportunity for the ARPF to raise even more awareness regarding our research and programs.  Stay tuned for more…



Seniors might stave off memory loss by frequenting Facebook, a new study suggests.

Who would have thought that 40 years after the first email was successfully sent that we would be creating virtual spaces to connect with our friends, family and community via “the net!”  Not only has it become a modern phenomenon but it is a way of life.  I’m talking about Facebook.  Yes, the noun, the verb and the adverb– Facebook. 

Something that started as a way to rate chicks on college campuses in the early 2000s has essentially become THE hub to reconnect, invite, like, friend and chat with folks from all over the world.  And it doesn’t just stop there – social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Skype have also joined the ranks. Read the rest of this entry »