The driving force behind memory loss is age. But developing memory loss and Alzheimer’s is not a foregone conclusion.   There are many things you must do to give yourself the best research-backed chance to not get it. Some examples include slowing down the aging process and delaying or eliminating the likelihood of losing your memory.
Exciting new research suggests that it may be possible simply by taking a multivitamin every day. The new findings show that vitamins have many positive effects on your body, mind, and memory including those on telomeres.

Researchers at Harvard showed women with shorter telomeres were 12 times more likely to have MCI, a prelude to Alzheimer’s.  Shorter telomeres translate to brain shrinkage

Inflammation and free radicals are the worst causes of shortened telomeres. Both are caused by bad diet, pollution, smoking, obesity, no exercise, and not reducing your stress levels. However, multivitamins, containing A’s, B’s, C, E, D, and Folic acid, counteract telomere shortening.

According to the researchers, the women who regularly took multivitamins with antioxidants had longer and younger looking telomeres. The women that didn’t take them, not only had shorter and unhealthier telomeres but they also looked 10 years older.

Another study of over 1,000 people from the University of Washington reported an association between shorter telomere length and an increased risk of dying over a six year follow-up period. Of the people whose telomeres were among the shortest 25%, had a 60% greater risk of dying compared with people who had telomeres that were among the longest 25%.

The authors state that the “erosion of telomeres is the result of an increasing burden of cell stress and inflammation.” Once again, stress and inflammation are found to be the leading cause of shortened telomeres.

The conclusion of these and other studies is that taking a combination of B’s, antioxidants such as A, C and E, and minerals improved memory performance.



  1. Devon Says:

    Yes, a daily multivitamin is very important. Also, believe it or not drinking plenty of water according to contributes greatly in preventing dementia. Taking a multivitamin with a good amount of B12 in it helps tremendously.

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