Every 60 Seconds

According to the latest research, every 60 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, this statistic is up from last year when it was every 70 seconds. The number of people in America who will lose their memory is sky-rocketing. It could be because of aging, stress, life style issues, genetics, or some unknown reason but it is definitely happening.

The best way to make strides against Alzheimer’s is to not only maintain your brain as you age, but actually make it better by creating a lifetime of peak mental performance. An aging brain does not have to be the norm. You can make your brain, mind, and memory younger as you age and not allow yourself to lose it all.

According to my investigations, if we can delay the onset of memory loss by only 5 years, we can virtually drop the rate by 50%. More impressively, if we can delay the rate of memory loss by 10 years, which is possible, then we will never suffer from loss of mental function as we age. How you live your life today will go a long way towards determining the state of your mind and memory tomorrow.

You can protect and repair your brain with your lifestyle choices. You need to find a solution that first recognizes and then reduces the factors that put you at risk. The answer? The 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention™:

• Diet and Supplements: Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs proper nutrition, blood flow, energy, and care. Discover how simple it can be to supercharge your brain health with the right diet and supplements. Diet and nutrition can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

• Stress Management: The effects of the daily grind on your body are well known, but did you know your brain also suffers when you’re stressed out? Find out how you can benefit from easy stress-relieving techniques that can dramatically reduce your risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

• Exercise: It’s simple: if you want to maintain a healthy body and mind, you must exercise. But, in addition to physical exercises, it’s time for you to discover how mental and mind-body exercises are essential for your health and wellbeing.

• Medicines: Medications and hormones can be an important part of the answer. Working with your physician, it’s vital that you understand how pharmaceuticals may be an important part of your overall solution if you have an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

By following these lifestyle changes, prevention is possible. Let’s spread the word together so that “60 seconds” will turn into zero.