Why this Nutrient Deserves a Silver Star

You probably know by now that I highly recommend ginkgo to improve your memory and overall brain health.  Because it improves cerebral blood flow, your brain will receive more oxygen and vital nutrients to function at its best.

What you may not know is that ginkgo does so much more to keep your brain and arteries in great health.  Here’s what I mean.  Ginkgo helps dilate and tone your blood vessels, keeping them strong and healthy.  It also interferes with the clumping of blood platelets that can cause dangerous blood clots leading to stroke or heart attack.

Ginkgo improves energy metabolism in your brain, keeping your brain cells alert and active to process new information and then retain it.  Research shows that it may even help prevent depression – another factor in memory loss.

Ginkgo doesn’t get much press for being a potent antioxidant – but it is.  Its antioxidant ability means that ginkgo is protecting your brain cells and mitochondria from dangerous oxidative damage that leads to disease and ultimate cell death. 

That’s a whole lot of protection from one single nutrient, and it’s why I’ve prescribed ginkgo to thousands of people over the years.   Try it, you’ll be glad you did.