February 20 Day LOVE Challenge

In honor of our loved ones and on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, ARPF launched the February 20 Day LOVE Challenge: Who’s Your Favorite Senior?

Share your love by telling us who your favorite senior is and why. The more detailed information, the more likely you are to win! We’d love to see a picture too!

Submit your entry to: contest@alzheimersprevention.org by Sunday, February 24th. We will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 26th.

The grand prize for the February 20 Day Love Challenge is – appropriately – the hardcover edition of “The Crazy Sexy Kitchen” Cookbook.*  But don’t worry – there will be gifts for every entry! In fact, everyone who submits a nomination for their favorite senior will receive a surprise gift from the ARPF. When you submit your nomination, make sure you send us your mailing address so you can claim your prize or surprise gift.

Join the 20 Day LOVE Challenge NOWcontest@alzheimersprevention.org.

Please note: By participating in the contest, you give ARPF and its affiliates permission to use all or part of your submission on all marketing materials, websites, newsletters, social media, etc.

*Not familiar with this new cookbook? Here is one endorsement: “Kris Carr titillatingly turns a supermarket into a pharmacy.” — Dr. Mehmet Oz

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