The driving force behind memory loss is age. But developing memory loss and Alzheimer’s is not a foregone conclusion.   There are many things you must do to give yourself the best research-backed chance to not get it. Some examples include slowing down the aging process and delaying or eliminating the likelihood of losing your memory.
Exciting new research suggests that it may be possible simply by taking a multivitamin every day. The new findings show that vitamins have many positive effects on your body, mind, and memory including those on telomeres. Read the rest of this entry »


A Simple Way To Prevent Brain Shrinkage

You definitely don't want your brain to shrink with age.
The reason is because brain shrinkage is a sign of brain aging and
often the first finding when a doctor does a scan on a person who
is complaining about memory loss. What you really want is a robust

As we heard recently in the media, a B vitamin deficiency has been
revealed to be linked to depression, especially in women and now
studies reveal cognitive decline also is an outcome of low B's.   
Now however, there's exciting news showing that taking B vitamins
can reduce the brain shrinkage that is often seen in aging,
Alzheimer's disease and dementia.This published study, involving
people with memory problems, found that taking vitamin B slowed
the brain-cell damage that is believed to be associated with
dementia.  In particular, the group took vitamins B6 and B12,
as well as folic acid.  This healing combination of nutrients
has been found to lower levels of homocysteine, a marker for
inflammation. High levels of homocysteine have been linked to a
higher risk for Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Beyond that,
B vitamins are also super important for maximizing your brain
energy. This new research supports other studies linking B
vitamins to brain health.  
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